The Fae King Awaits

The Fae King Awaits

Reviews are starting to roll in and people are LOVING FaeTAL!



Carnival of Darkness (FaeTAL Series)

The Carnival of Darkness isn’t your average amusement show. It’s a sick and twisted world where men are predators and women are the prey.

Abi, one of these women, has one goal. One all-consuming need. All that she wants is to escape from the life that she is being forced to lead. She isn’t looking for love or even lust, she just wants her life back. No matter how lacking that life had been.

Christopher is the King of the Fae, whether he likes it or not. When he runs into Abi while out on patrol his natural instinct is to protect her from any and all harm, even though women haven’t been on his radar for centuries. He simply wants to be free from his burden and this promise to lead his people.

When the two come together in an unexpected and explosive night both of their lives will change forever…but will either get the freedom they are searching for?


First Review


Oh, for the love of all that is lovely in the world…I sent Carnival Of Darkness out to beta readers the other day! What an insane experience that was. I swear I was shaking as I clicked send. Letting someone else read my book baby and knowing that they may not like it. That there is a big chance that it’s not as awesome as I think it is…I mean really it’s the story of my imaginary friends so of course, I LOVE IT!

Well…I started getting in thoughts from the ladies yesterday and they all said the same things:

  1. Don’t read it in the dark! This is one creepy ass book that is definitely for mature audiences only.
  2. The story rocks!
  3. Characters are well developed and fun…and well creepy lol
  4. They are hooked and want more!

I could not be any more amazed and thrilled by their responses! While I still have a few beta readers that haven’t gotten back to me yet, I am so very happy with the responses so far. Fingers crossed they all enjoy it as much as the first few did!

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