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COD Chapter 1 Read Aloud

You know you wanna hear me read chapter 1 of Carnival of Darkness!
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Brett sold his soul to the devil. Only hell isn’t a fiery pit in the bowels of the earth. Hell is the Carnival of Darkness where the freak shows are real, the screams never end, and the girl of his dreams has become a part of his nightmare.

Charlee has been kidnapped by the freaks that run The Carnival of Darkness. If that weren’t bad enough, she’s harboring a secret that will put her life in even more danger should her captors find out. Now, she has a decision to make – keep her head down and wait on someone to save her, or fight to escape and get back to the ones she left behind.

Brett wants to trust Charlee with the reason he is working at the carnival, but she still has reservations about his intentions. Charlee doesn’t trust anyone, but Brett may be her only hope.

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First Review


Oh, for the love of all that is lovely in the world…I sent Carnival Of Darkness out to beta readers the other day! What an insane experience that was. I swear I was shaking as I clicked send. Letting someone else read my book baby and knowing that they may not like it. That there is a big chance that it’s not as awesome as I think it is…I mean really it’s the story of my imaginary friends so of course, I LOVE IT!

Well…I started getting in thoughts from the ladies yesterday and they all said the same things:

  1. Don’t read it in the dark! This is one creepy ass book that is definitely for mature audiences only.
  2. The story rocks!
  3. Characters are well developed and fun…and well creepy lol
  4. They are hooked and want more!

I could not be any more amazed and thrilled by their responses! While I still have a few beta readers that haven’t gotten back to me yet, I am so very happy with the responses so far. Fingers crossed they all enjoy it as much as the first few did!

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